Proofreading With an Attitude

A Line Edit and Proofreading Service

Have you decided to self-publish and can’t afford a big city editor?

Are you still finding little mistakes in your manuscript even though you’ve read it over and over?

You wouldn’t go to work in your slippers; why send your writing out into the world unpolished? Don’t let your first reviews be about the little errors you can no longer see in your manuscript because you’ve read it a million times.

I am Karen Lawson, a retired elementary school teacher and avid reader. I love discovering new self-published authors, but often their stories have misspellings, missing words, punctuation problems, or confusing sentences. I began this proofreading/line editing business by offering to help them publish their great stories with cleaner manuscripts.

As the business has grown my sister, Janet Hitchcock, an author and lover of good stories, has stepped in to help, allowing more options for our authors.

We call our service Proofreading With an Attitude.

Using Microsoft Word Review, we will correct spelling and punctuation, point out grammar issues, fill in missing words, delete extra words, suggest changes to awkward sentences, and make some comments along the way. It shouldn’t be a chore to make final changes before submitting your manuscript for publication. Our comments will help make the task more fun!

We strongly recommend our Preferred Package. Both of us will read your manuscript and make corrections and comments. Then we sit down together and collate our two reviews into one MS to return to you. This essentially gives you three reads and the cleanest copy with the most comments. (Our collation time averages between 8 and 14 hours per book.)

And we are fast. It usually takes less than a week to get one read-through back to the author. If we are both working on your MS, we usually have it finished in two weeks, three at tops.

If you are not ready for a final line-by-line proofread but would like a beta read commentary only on your storyline and character development, we offer that service also.

Services and prices:

Preferred Package                      $11 per 1K words
with comments

Single Read-through                   $5 per 1K words
with comments

Beta Reading Only                       $3 per 1K words

Final Eye Proofreading                $4 per 1K words

50% is due when manuscript is submitted. The remaining balance will be invoiced and is payable when manuscript is returned. New authors need to submit a chapter or two to give us an idea how much time is needed. If there is need for more editing, the price may be increased. There is a minimum charge of $50 for any work, no matter how small.

Feel free to contact any of our references below. All are authors we work with on editing, beta reading, and/or final eyes.


Comments from our authors:

  • “Editing has never been so kind.”  Kathleen Brooks, NYT Best Selling Author
  • “Karen Lawson has the perfect eye for edits. I’ve used her for both proofreading and beta reading — her attention to detail is second to none, and her eye for storyline, arc and character development is spot-on! I can’t recommend her highly enough.”  Alessandra Torre, NYT Best Selling Author



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