A Little About Me

I started life as Karen. I began teaching and became Miss Welker. When I married, I became half of Bob and Karen and while teaching I turned to Mrs. Lawson. Then I was Mom. We opened a store and I was back to Karen. The store closed, but I continued teaching so Mom and Mrs. Lawson shared equally. I was MOB and MOG. Finally I became Gamma. Mrs. Lawson retired. Now I am (in order of preference) half of Bob and Karen, Mom, Gamma, and just Karen. Starting to figure out just who Karen is. . . .

I love reading.  As I entered retirement, I became infatuated with my Kindle and became one of those “one click” buyers of many inexpensive books.  Noticing many typos and simple errors, I decided to see if I could help those new authors.  Karen is ready to begin a new adventure and I hope you will let me help you become a more polished writer.